Fundraising Ideas That Work

How to raise $500 to $5000 quickly for your school, church, sports, or public service charity.

Fundraising is a huge subject.

This page directs you to the major questions most of our visitors have. Then check out the FAQ page for lots more free information.


The psychology of fundraising

People give for two main reasons, clear impact towards solving a problem, and personal connection.

1. Impact

People want to see results. They want their donation to count.

2. Personal connection

People donate when they feel personally connected to the issue. Can they see their child, their dog, their community in your charity’s scope? If so, they are much more likely to donate.

Another aspect is their personal connection to the person who is asking…

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What is the best way to raise money for my school, church, or small charity?

The truth is that this question is too big to answer. It reminds me of the question, “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer is,  “One bite at a time”. This is also true for the question, “What is the best fundraiser?” The answer is… it depends on your needs and your organization.

So let’s look at some of the bite size parts of the question: What is the best fundraiser?

We are going to assume, for the sake of this website, that your goal is just and that you would like to raise $500 to $5000 quickly for your school...

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There are different types of nonprofit groups

The 4 major types of nonprofit groups are:


1. Unincorporated nonprofit, without tax exempt status

2. Unincorporated nonprofit, with tax exempt status

3. Incorporated nonprofits, without tax exempt status

4. Incorporated nonprofits, with tax exempt status


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Selling goods or services as a fundraiser

I believe it was comedian George Carlin who first pointed out that, your stuff is considered crap by others. I know it is true in my living room. If one of my kids leaves their homework stuff strewn out all over the couch, I am tempted to say, “Whose crap is on the couch!”

Truth be told, when it comes to the stuff your non-profit sells, the potential donor/buyer may think to themselves… “Who needs this crap?”

For the charity, selling stuff like candy, gift wrap, or calendars, is a tough process.

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How do you get people to donate?

This is a commonly asked question with a very simple answer. However, while the answer is simple, it is not well understood. So let me take a few moments to explain the answer.

The secret of getting people to donate to your charity is known by science

Over the last 50 years, economists and psychologists have tackled this question. Millions of dollars have been spent by the government and industry alike. Thousands of papers, and hundreds of books, have been published on the subject. As you can see, there has been extensive research.

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It’s a good idea to have the fundraiser fit the need


This brings me to an important rule for “emergency” and almost all other fundraisers: connect the request to some real need that the giver can easily and personally relate to.


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