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Acting silly for charity

Philip Copitch, Ph.D.



One part of fundraising is getting noticed

Let’s look at a few funny examples of how being a little outlandish can help raise money for a good cause.

I was sent this photo from Harold in Milwaukee. (Thanks Harold!) According to the photo’s tag line, a local radio personality lost an on-air bet. His loss meant he had to pump gas dressed in this ridiculous outfit.

One thing I know about radio personalities is that they don’t mind a little lime light. Everyone wins here because all tips earned by the gas pumping radio host were donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and the radio station got lots of attention for doing something positive for the community.

If you know a local celebrity, especially an “on air” celebrity, asking for some silly help with your fundraising efforts can garner a lot of attention.


Rugby gals show off for charity

The Manchester Ladies rugby team based in Cheadle Hume, Stockport, UK got a great write up in the Manchester Evening News. The team decided to put out a 2014 calendar with photos of the team out of uniform. Nothing too risqué, all the naughty bits are covered by strategically placed rugby gear.

The proceeds from the calendar sales go to the Alzheimer’s Society. According to the newspaper, “[the calendar] is already proving a hit and Rugby World Magazine placed it third in their list of their favorite 2014 calendars.”

Attention getting fundraisers like this can generate lots of “word of mouth” and the more people talk about your fundraising project, the better.

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