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Cheaply spice up your fundraising carnival

Philip Copitch, Ph.D.

The harvest carnival is just a month away. It is one of the three big fundraisers the school does every year. Everyone is encouraged to buy tickets to do the activities. There are the old favorites, bean bag toss and the dart balloon pop. Lots of fun for one and all.

Let’s look at some fun and low cost favorites. Remember, the goal is to sell lots of tickets:

The toilet roll toss

Adding duck-tape, saves a lot of mess…


Face painting is lots of fun:



Kissing booth

This goes well with the help of the cheer leaders and their parents. You have a very nice Kissing Booth. There is a fee for a kiss. A cheerleader takes a boy behind the booth into an enclosed area (usually done by hanging blankets or tarps. (You can also have boys selling kisses.) The cheer-parent representative is there “supervising”. The cheerleader then explains to the boy that he is only getting a Hersey’s kiss, but that she needs him to ham it up when he leaves the booth. “It was the sweetest kiss I have ever had!” “I have never been kissed like that before!” His job is to let everyone think it was the best kiss ever! You get the idea. The boys ham it up with lots of laughs.



Smooch a pooch is a nice variation



Celebrity kissing booths are great fundraisers

Local celebs, firefighter heroes, or the TV weather man/woman.

A nice photo can be sold, a kiss on the cheek? A signed photo?



Have a story of a fun carnival event you saw? Let me know. We would love to share your great fundraising story/idea.

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