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How do you get people to donate?

Philip Copitch, Ph.D.


This is a commonly asked question with a very simple answer. However, while the answer is simple, it is not well understood. So let me take a few moments to explain the answer.

The secret of getting people to donate to your charity is known by science

Over the last 50 years, economists and psychologists have tackled this question. Millions of dollars have been spent by the government and industry alike. Thousands of papers, and hundreds of books, have been published on the subject. As you can see, there has been extensive research. The good news is that science has finally found the answer. A very simple answer.

Stop teasing and give me the answer already. I need to know how to get people to donate to my charity. Click to get answer








































The answer is simply; you have to ask.

Fundraising depends on personal relationships.

The problem is we make ourselves emotionally vulnerable if we ask others for help. It is hard to ask for donations.

Now that we know we have to ask, let’s look at ways to ask: FAQ.


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