Fundraising Ideas That Work

How to raise $500 to $5000 quickly for your school, church, sports, or public service charity.

Recommended books about fundraising

Philip Copitch, Ph.D.




The legal stuff concerning fundraising

It is important that you have counsel from professionals that regularly deal with nonprofits such as experienced Certified Public Accountants(CPA), Enrolled Agents (EA) and tax attorneys.

I highly recommend the books that follow. I have successfully done the paperwork for numerous nonprofits by following the clear advice from the first book on the list. It wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t hard either. It was most definitely time consuming. The biggest positive of doing the nonprofit status paperwork was that it forced my idealistic group of do gooders to properly formulate a workable plan and figure out how to delegate tasks that helped move us towards our caring goals.

Grant writing for non profits

Event fundraising for non profits

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